My Guided Tours

As a historian, a Living History re-enactor, an expert in fortifications and weaponry, I have long experience of organising and leading historical tours for groups of enthusiasts on a wide range of subjects.

My predecessor as trip organiser for the Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association, based in the Imperial War Museum, London, warned me that guiding a group of enthusiasts was like ‘herding cats’, and I soon learned how right he was. But this just adds to the challenge, of ensuring that I bring tour members face to face with interesting, even fascinating, sites. While of course, in passing, taking in the local culture.

I have worked in UK schools as a French and a History teacher, and in a French private school as an English teacher. I have also worked with the NAGC, an association helping bright children whose parents felt their child was not receiving sufficient support from hard-pressed teachers in their school.

When preparing school historical visits, I prefer to spend pre-visit time with the pupils and their teachers to explain the background and the significance of what they will be seeing on the ground, thus maximising on-site time, and making for a much more rewarding experience.